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Our choral tradition

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List of manuscripts in the Cotton library

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Winchester Troper

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A collective name which, since about the close of the Middle Ages or a little later, has been applied to texts of great variety (in both poetry and prose) written for the purpose of amplifying and embellishing an independently complete liturgical text.

The Winchester Troper includes perhaps the oldest large collections of two-part music in Europe, along with the Chartres Manuscript, which is approximately contemporaneous or a little later. Manuscripts of the Winchester Troper. It consists of two English manuscripts dated c.

If you missed a program you can listen for up to 2 weeks after the playlist is posted by going to the MP3 Archive Page. Singing has formed a key part of Christian worship for over a thousand years.

Today’s choral services represent a unique tradition upheld by Britain’s historic cathedrals – a glorious heritage of church music that is one of the nation’s greatest cultural treasures. There's a rifle above the bar because the name of the place is "The Winchester". The Winchester Troper, compiled in the early 11th century and added to until the early 12th, was originally copied out and used at Winchester Cathedral.

Winchester troper
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