Unang yakap program

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Unang Yakap

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Essential Newborn Care, Unang Yakap Campaign

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Architecture and treatment of STIs such as possible and gonorrhea. DOH program unang yakap by dustin_diet in Types > School Work and einc doh unang yakap.

Unang Yakap aims to save newborn lives. EXTENT OF UTILIZATION OF UNANG YAKAP PROGRAM IN SELECTED BIRTHING HOMES IN THE CITY OF. The Unang Yakap is a special program being implemented in the delivery or operating room during child birth.

It refers to the Essential Intrapartum Newborn Care — sequential procedures that needs to be carried out for the optimal welfare of the newly born baby. Unang Yakap 4&5 is the campaign for all practitioners and health facilities to adopt and embrace the safe and quality care of Essential Itrapartum and Neonatal Care (EINC) for.

Essential Newborn Care: The DOH/WHO Protocol Maria Asuncion Silvestre, FAAP Consultant, Essential Newborn Care 4 March – Unang Yakap campaign launched Dec 9, • Implementation • Monitoring.

unang yakap

Scope of Application • Whole hierarchy of the DOH and its attached agencies. The Department of Health embarked on Essential Newborn Care, a new program to address neonatal deaths in the country.

Under the umbrella of the Unang Yakap Campaign, Essential Newborn Care is an evidenced based .

Unang yakap program
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