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Mr. Indika Ginige has taken part in over 60 tele-dramas and about 3 films.


A DVD comprising his songs was released some years back. Maya, Seya, Poojasane, Situmedura and Issaraha gedera are some of the tele-dramas he acted in. The 20 Best-Directed TV Drama Series of the 21st Century, Ranked.

For over a decade, series like "Breaking Bad" and "The Leftovers" have made us rethink the line between film and television. Naseebon Jali Episode on Hum Tv 12th March Click here to watch on Youtube. TV ONE is a relatively old and matured Pakistani channel.

It is an exceptional channel for general entertainment of the Pakistani audience.

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The channel provides the audience of Pakistan with exceptional dramas, Tele films and talk shows. Against this backdrop, on 28 January some artists and others got together at the National Library in Colombo.

They set up a collaboration of artists to make the public and concerned people aware of the bad impact that Sinhala tele-dramas had on people as a whole. Ek Nazar Meri Taraf – Strong Message, Shoddy Packaging.

This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?

Watch. Durre Shahwar Episode 4 – Brilliant!

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