Technical efficiency of public district hospitals

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Healthcare in Kenya

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Technical efficiency of public district hospitals and health centres in Ghana: a pilot study

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Technical efficiency of public district hospitals in Madhya Pradesh, India: a data envelopment analysis Tej Ram Jat1,2,3* and Miguel San Sebastian2 1United Nations Population Fund, Bhopal, India.

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See Vol. II, P.L.§, with respect to payment adjustment for health care-acquired conditions. No subparagraph (G) has been enacted. Objective. The objective of this study was to evaluate the technical efficiency (TE) of the public district hospitals in Madhya Pradesh, India, with special emphasis on maternal healthcare services, using data envelopment analysis (DEA).

Sec. Misapplication of school money. If any money appropriated to the use of schools is applied by a town or school district to any other purpose, such town or school district shall forfeit the amount thereof to the state and the Comptroller shall sue for the same on behalf of the state, to be applied, when recovered, to the use of schools.

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Technical efficiency of public district hospitals
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