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What can you do with an English major?

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The University of Chicago is the second largest private employer in Chicago. Ours is a multicultural, international community of more than 20, faculty and staff—each supporting UChicago’s mission of inquiry and academic excellence.

Technical writers, also called technical communicators, prepare instruction manuals, how-to guides, journal articles, and other supporting documents to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

They also develop, gather, and disseminate technical information through an organization’s communications channels. Writers and authors work in an office, at home, or wherever they have access to a computer. Jobs are somewhat concentrated in major media and entertainment markets—Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC—but improved communications and Internet capabilities allow writers and authors to work from almost anywhere.

ISFiC, Inc. is a Not-for-profit corporation domiciled in the State of Illinois, incorporated on May 17, “ISFiC” stands for “Illinois Science Fiction in Chicago.” ISFiC’s mission is to promote Science Fiction Fandom and Literacy in Chicago and the Midwest.

Search for available job openings at Turner Broadcasting. Loove is an arts/culture and tech startup based in Brooklyn, dedicated to promoting agency and awareness in the development of our culture.

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This mission encompasses tech tools for a transparent, equitable creative marketplace as well as brick-and-mortar performance spaces and label services.

Science writer jobs in chicago
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