Plains indians

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Plains Indian

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Plains Indians

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Plains Indian

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Plains Indian, member of any of the Native American peoples inhabiting the Great Plains of the United States and Canada. Great Plains Indians - Indian Territory Indian Territory was a vast area of U.S. federal territory on the Great Plains reserved for Indians from the s to the s.

Indian Territory eventually became the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Great Plains Indians - Indian Territory Indian Territory was a vast area of U.S. federal territory on the Great Plains reserved for Indians from the s to the s.

Indian Territory eventually became the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. The Plains Indians hunted buffalo, elk and antelope for food, they used to surround the herds and try to corner them or force them off cliffs to make the hunting easier.

The Plains Indians lived in the huge area between the Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.

Map of the Plains Indians

There were few trees but lots of wildlife. One of the most important animals to the Plains Indians was the buffalo. The Plains Indians are the Indigenous peoples who lived on the plains and rolling hills of the Great Plains of North America. They are often thought of as the archetypal American Indians, riding on horseback, hunting buffalo, wearing headdresses made with eagle feathers, and speaking in sign language.

Plains indians
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