Perils of a hyper connected world

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The Joys and Perils of Social Networking for the Road Warrior

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3 Major Dangers of Cyber World & How to Overcome

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Werner Herzog documentary offers social 101 of connected world

Professor Ian Goldin,Director of the Oxford Martin School, University ofOxford. and author, with Mike Mariathasan, of The Butterfly Defect: How globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do about It talks to Craig Barfoot about the joys and perils of gloabalisation.

Mayors, members of Council and administrative officers conduct an open-ended discussion for the audience on the challenges of running a municipality or county in our hyper-connected age, where data is both a valuable tool and a disruptive force that affect policy, politics, economics and culture.

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How to survive in a hyper-connected world Security and Survival in a Hyper-connected World answer some burning questions about the promise and perils of our interconnected, digitized world and bridging the gap between policy and safety.

Questions around withstanding technology. These three tactics can help adapt yesterday’s communications function to today’s hyperconnected world, where knowledge is king and collaborative leadership the new normal.

Our adoption of this new approach to communication is still in its infant stage, but it has already fundamentally changed the way Living Cities thinks and operates.

How to Increase Productivity in a Hyper-Connected World

Jan 28,  · When we read about the Internet of Things (IoT) we see where people are breathlessly expounding the virtues and perils of the latest marketing terminology.

Perils of a hyper connected world
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