Kai tak cruise terminal

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Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Hong Kong: Address, Phone Number, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Reviews: 5/5

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The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

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The newly opened Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Victoria Harbour, located in the site of the old Kai Tak airport, is only the beginning of a mega development which will be home to a vibrant, state-of-the-art sustainable community.

Retail space at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, representing 4 per cent of the terminal area, was fully leased in One of the seven shops ceased operation, and we are in legal proceedings to. The new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is being constructed on the site of Hong Kong’s former airport, at the tip of the old runway.

Establishing Hong Kong as the preeminent regional hub for cruise liners, the terminal will have capacity to berth two large metre-long vessels, each with more than. It's been 20 years since Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport closed.

Pilot and photographer Daryl Chapman remembers the glory days and shares a few of the scariest moments. Located at the former Kai Tak Airport runway, the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is one of the world’s foremost cruise facilities.

Designed by Foster + Partners, the three-storey building features light-filled passenger and service areas, efficient passenger circulation between drops-offs, jaw-dropping.

The new world-class cruise terminal that's currently being built at the former Kai Tak Runway will take cruise tourism to a new level.

The new cruise terminal is expected to commence operation in mid It will have two alongside berths and will be well equipped with supporting facilities to accommodate the concurrent berthing of two mega cruise vessels (with gross tonnage of up to ,).

Kai tak cruise terminal
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History of Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong