Income inequality in new zealand

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New Zealand’s income inequality problem

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Economic standard of living

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New Zealand’s income inequality problem If you’re 35 or younger, the New Zealand you grew up is in many ways remarkably different to people older than you. One of the most profound differences is in the degree of income inequality. This indicator measures inequality between high-income and low-income households, after adjusting for household size and composition.

How this indicator was calculated The measure used for the New Zealand data is the P80/20 ratio, which shows the difference between high household incomes (those in the 80th percentile) and low household incomes.

Whichever way it's measured - and there are multiple measures - inequality increased markedly in New Zealand in the lates and s. In New Zealand, income (and probably wealth) was being shared out more and more evenly from the s up until the s – but for the next two decades we had the developed world’s biggest increase in income inequality.

15 June New data are available for Costa Rica (income year ); Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States (income year ); Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland (income year ). New Zealand's rate of increase in inequality has been exceeded only by Finland and Sweden.

One measure of inequality compares the incomes of those near the top (the 80th percentile) with those.

Income inequality in new zealand
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