Hypertransport vs qpi

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Intel QuickPath Interconnect

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Hypertransport vs. the Qpi

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Intel QuickPath Interconnect

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Comparison of NVIDIA Tesla/Quadro and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

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Hypertransport vs. the Qpi

AMD uses HyperTransport for their connection sockets. Intel Knights Landing work loads vs NVIDIA GeForce. 1. Programming language for. Mar 05,  · DMI vs.


QPI 42 posts • 1; 2; Next; (Hypertransport or an old Core 2 - but AMD is really the better solution price/perf wise); but that aside, the Nehalem system will perform better even with. Mar 16,  · Ahhhh, Ok Yes got the whole Bus and width idea, hence the reason why mainboards & cpu's are now running & 64 bits instead of the last 10 or so.

HyperTransport (HT), formerly known as Lightning Data Transport (LDT), is a technology for interconnection of computer processors. It is a bidirectional serial/parallel high-bandwidth, low-latency point-to-point link that was introduced on April 2, For AMD this was the hyperTransport links between CPUs and other CPUs or between the CPU's and the chipset.

For Intel this was done with something called QuickPath Interconnect. Yet, Hypertransport and QPI perform the same role: Quickly transfer data between the CPU and other parts. QuickPath Interconnect is the name of the external bus used by the Intel forthcoming CPUs with integrated memory controller, like the Core i7.

In this tutorial we will explain how this bus works.

Hypertransport vs qpi
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