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What Is a Spanish Galleon Trade?

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Galleon Trade is a series of international arts exchange projects, focusing on the Philippines, Mexico, and California. Galleon Trade I will be hosted by Manila’s Mag:Net Galleries in summer Galleon Trade Collection, New Jersey, Princeton. likes. A Hallmark of the Finest Craftsmanship and Exquisite Artisanship.

The Manila Galleon Trade Route was an economically powerful system of linking Spain with the commodities of Asia via Mexico. It consisted of two separate routes — westward from Acapulco to Manila and eastward on the return, following two separate belts of trade winds across the Pacific.

The galleon trade itself ended as it yielded to faster ships, new routes opened up by the newly built Suez Canal, and liberalization of politics in centers such as Madrid. But the galleon remains a vivid shadow of the present and the future of commerce and cultural exchange in the Pacific.

The Galleon Trade Collection is a US-based company located in the Greater Princeton, New Jersey area. We are an hour away from New York City and Philadelphia.

Galleon trade
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