Dorothy johnson behavioral system

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Dorothy Johnson - Nursing Theorist

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Dorothy E. Johnson’s Behavioral System Model

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Johnson’s Behavioral system model is a model of nursing care that advocates the fostering of efficient and effective behavioral functioning in the patient to prevent illness.

The patient is defined as behavioral system composed of 7 behavioral subsystems.

Dorothy Johnson - Nursing Theorist

Dorothy Johnson's Theory Welcome to my wonderful blog about the theory of Behavioral System Model of Dorothy Johnson Dorothy Johnson was born on August 21, in Savannah, Georgia. Johnson () views human beings as having two major systems: the biological system and the behavioral system.

Johnson’s Behavioral System Model in Nursing Practice

It is the role of medicine to focus on the biological system, whereas nursing’s focus is the behavioral system. Johnson’s behavioral system model is not flexible.

Summary. Johnson’s Behavioral system model is a model of nursing care that advocates the fostering of efficient and effective behavioral functioning in the patient to prevent illness.

The patient is defined as behavioral system composed of. Chapter 8 Johnson’s Behavioral System Model in Nursing Practice Bonnie Holaday Nursing is “an external regulatory force that acts to preserve the organization and integration of the patient’s behavior at an optimal level under those conditions in which the behavior constitutes a threat to physical or social health or in which illness is found.”.

Dorothy johnson behavioral system
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