An analysis of women removing their wedding rings when going to a job interview

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About a month ago during one of our brainstorm meetings, we (we being the New York–based Who What Wear team) were on the subject of wedding stories when one of the women at the table brought up a truly fascinating fact previously unbeknownst to me: A lot of women take off their engagement rings for job interviews.

In spite of this fact, new research compiled by Credit Angel has found that 29% of women remove their wedding or engagement rings before a job interview for fear of being discriminated against for their marital status.

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Inrecruiter Bruce Hurwitz caused outrage when he advised women to ‘ditch the ring’ for job interviews for an article on LinkedIn.

It used the example of an excellent candidate who lost out on several jobs because of her diamond, but was successful after removing it. However, I was wondering if it's appropriate for job interviews.

I ask because I grew up in a conservative town where all the women would take off their wedding or engagement rings for interviews. - Assignment: Case Study - Decisions, Decisions, Case of the Diamond Ring In the first case scenario, an unnamed woman is preparing for an upcoming job interview.

Determined to land the job, 29 percent of women remove their wedding ring when attending job interviews%(37).

An analysis of women removing their wedding rings when going to a job interview
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